Typhoon Yolanda

Super typhoon Yolanda hits the Philippines, everyone has a lot of preparation due to last typhoon that people experienced. So sad for the evacuees they were transferred all the time when the calamity comes their way but they kept their faith more stronger to the Lord.  God is so good because He is our provider, so many touched the heart who  donated the goods and other needs for the evacuees. Kept believing to our Father in Heaven who sees our suffering and he is our healer and our Provider….God Bless everyone!!!!


      When the decision need to be made be firmed whatever decision you made. Be strong and standstill if you know that is the best thing to do. If you want to move on just try to forget every piece  that reminisce the past. It has no  sense to remember everything that there is no significance at all. The firmness you showed  that is the exactly what your heart wants.

A Multi tasking job

Everyone says it is hard to do the job at the same time but for me,  it’s good because so worth to do a task at the same time. The only thing we do is to focus  and think positively without thinking of tiredness. It helps and no feeling of tiredness  and we feel that we achieved something within the day,  It is good to  be and  feel extra ordinary sometimes, Even others don’t notice our joy inside of our hearts. God knows our hearts it is pure or not, it is between my God and me. When you feel that you don’t like to work, don’t do it.

Future Goal

      I woke up this morning a lot of things that  I am  thinking  the future how to invest and save more. Reading a lot of inspiring story,  viewing the you tube about what is the secret of  others investing in the right way. I am just starting searching what to do, the tips, how to spend wisely. I have my future goal to achieve, one of the good to invest  your money is in the  stock market and  one in Real Estate. Investing is  good rather than spending. Hope soon I can make it and I really prayed for this. God Bless Everyone!!!!