Baking andCooking is an art

Just a simple cooking and baking at home were able to practice more creativity about cooking. My love and passion in the kitchen even my whole family loves to create different dishes from simple to complicated foods especially in baking needs more practice to a perfect one. Sometimes i need to be more creative to get  the satisfaction what  kind of taste I want. i hope next time more to share about  my cooking skill and style. God Bless everyone!

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Our Escapade

Pic of mepic2pic3pics4 with friendsOur Escapade brought a lot of joy those things with pleasure after a long travel back home from out of town hiring.  These things we felt good  and enjoying the scenery and warm climate.  Love to see my friends smiling on their faces, This is my first time to travel with friends. Capturing the hearts of excitement away from stress and pressure. hoping we can make it again…God Bless Everyone!!!!


When I made my decision to go  in some place which I know in myself that I was sure about my decision of going in other place but there is a thing that prevent me of going but I don’t have free will to do something for myself which I relied to the Lord, He is the one who knows everything for me and He has a purpose and plan for me.  Hope  and praying that I am always positive that may come along my way. God is Good all the time…til next time and God Bless everyone!!!!



Bonding time with my family

Bonding time with my family

Thank you for my nephews for their dinner treat and taking us out it was a refreshing moment with family after the long holidays. It was good sometimes to dine outside our home, it is really a different to relax sometimes from our comfort zone. Taking time to talk fro, each other and laugh just a short moment without thinking the stress from work and other matters. Love this moment..hope there’s more to come…God Bless everyone!!!!


Yes everyday we  face a challenge in our lives, we surrounded with a lot of temptation but how can  we  fight back and stand still with our faith to our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior..everyday we struggles to face the challenge…different faces of trials…We maybe in doubt and  in fear but the answer is God…We should trust in His word and obey …we live by His grace everyday.  God Bless Everyone!!!