Sunny morning

Thank God when I woke up this morning feel quite good, less pain of my tummy but taste buds not yet restored. Last night we went to a resort to celebrate the 78th Birthday of my Mom, it was a successful celebration with the grand children. My Mom happy to see all of us enjoying her Birthday.  We chose a night swimming because we avoiding the heat of a sun but it was a rainy night and so cold, I’m chilling after swimming, it’s really bad, I felt so cold and chilled.  We should be thankful to the Lord when we feel good everyday.  HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY EVERYONE!!!!!


Climate change

It’s really sizzling hot here and I got fever and headache due to climate change. Others got flu, now I have body weakness this is my second day of fever but manageable now. I would wish a good health all the time rather than to have a  sickness. I can do a lot of work rather than to be in bed, its my prayer to have a good health always. I cannot imagine always in bed I really felt sick. Disturbance of daily activity not feeling well even how I tried to keep myself busy, headaches is really worst of all, even you do a small things that really bothered a lot. I hope tomorrow  I can do well all the activities. God Bless us all!!!


This is a perfect timing to write about what is happening around us, observation to be taken and decision to be made.  Trying to refresh my mind even I am quite frustrated and devastated of presently occurrence of huge difficulties and obstacle that came my way but I am grateful and thankful to the Lord that my serotonin level is not that exactly worst. It’s manageable I can face tomorrow with great hope for my Lord Jesus Christ and for my future and ready for my bottle and can standstill. God Bless us all!!!!