My Sweetest things

Even before when I first started my goodies I like it though sometimes it’s not really  perfectly satisfying in my own taste but I kept on practicing until i made it perfectly. Hoping always I can have a good goodies to come out and more to make . really praying for it. Thank God for my sweetest gift , my patience is growing and I know how to handle it now.


OUr attitude

Sometimes we forgot to be more considerate to others that they were capable to be hurt and i felt sorry about it. I am trying not to  hurt others and but sometimes so provoking I want to close my eyes and pray sustain me,  O’ Lord  with this attitude i can able to survive my day without struggling. We have an individual trait but  how to love  that person has no consideration  and patient at all. Manners can be learned but attitude is built in within us it is hard to change it.