Yes I am thankful and bless with so many friends who comforts me in times of trials and a dim situation, I knew the Lord send the one to comfort me at my lowest situation, God is so good all the time, He gives me hope and a new smile of sunshine in my life everyday. God Bless everyone!!!



Our choice is no one to be blamed of, i choose  to stand firm for my decision no one influence me for that, no matter how difficult it was but still standing firm in that way.  I trust the Lord in every decision i made  now  and i offered to Him.   Whatever the outcome of my decision I knew the Lord leads me in particular pathway of righteousness.


Everyday is a challenge, we have to face it bravely with an open heart and mind with trusting the Lord as I open my eyes , as I rise up in the morning and I  said  to myself, wow!.. its a new day, everyday , it’s another challenge  to face and conquer the day with all my strenght and thankful I can able to sleep at night without  tearing  down myself.  I’m So thankful  to the Lord that He  gives me strenght and go on with the challenge everyday!!!!!! HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!


The pains

If we go through the pain that nobody understand us, it is better to be quiet and pray.  Our silence is the best cure rather than talk about the problems no one can solve it. Pouring out to the Lord got all the comforts from Him.  There are a lot of trials but i knew the Lord will deliver me from trials and pains that i go through right now, even it killing me softly  by this pain but God is good all the time not tearing me down.