My Mom turn 78th

My Mom turn 78th

It is really an amazing grace in the life of our Mother, she turn 78 last Dec., 29/12. She survived from her illness but not completely healed but she surpassed the trials in her life what a blessing from the Lord she was able sustained her.

Truly God is amazing in the life of our Mother were praying that the Lord will give more years for her to be with us. Our Mom has a good countenance whatever trials that came along her way she always smile and never been shaken by the trials she’s a strong woman.

Happy to see her that she enjoyed her Birthday last December 29/12. She felt the love and contentment
in her life even how simple the celebration was prepared. God Bless Everyone!!!!


Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home

We went home to celebrate Christmas with our Mom and other sisters, nephews and nieces, We woke up early in the morning to cook the foods that were going to bring home. They cooked the foods too and I made a dessert (cheese cake Oreo), fruit with buko (young coconut). When we arrived there, we started with Q&A about the birth of Christ and each has a prize if they guess the answer, cash and chocolates, they will encourage to participate because of the fun and prize. They enjoyed the gifts as well, so really a different things when we give something to the kids the more they will join the fun if they see that there is a special prize for those who participated. It’s a one way also to overcome their shyness to participate in the activity and games. After the games, We have some invited guest who came over and celebrate Christmas with us. Later in their lives of the kids they will remember us that what we did during Christmas time and the same thing they will do when they grow up the legacy that leave on them. Hope that they will value more, just like us during the time we were kids, my grandma trying to make an arrangement for each of her children to make a plan to have reunion every December, her ultimate goal is to get closer to each one of us, it’s our grandma has a big impact in our lives that legacy leave on us until now. Merry Christmas and Have a Prosperous New Year Everyone and God Bless Us All!!!!!!!!

Reason of Celebration

Reason of Celebration

This is day that everyone celebrating Christmas because of the birth of Jesus Christ that the saviour was born in a manger that brought us good news to everyone. We’re rejoicing also because this is the time that our family and friends get together. December is a different month among the other months so special because were expecting the special celebration the whole month which usually held the wedding, Christmas party and family reunion and friends homecoming so really an exciting month to celebrate. I really hope that we don’t forget the true meaning of this celebration . the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviou.r


It’s an amazing journey everyday of life that keeps us going, people we meet along that journey there’s a story behind and every individual has its own story to tell. It’;s a different art of life that we encounter and encouraging for each one to share be apart of that journey in every individual  that we meet and become friends.  We cannot live a life alone, we need somebody to share with, the laughter, joy and tears it’s part of that journey until we reach  the finishing line of that journey.

Knowing the Perfect Timing

   It is hard to wait the perfect timing for the things that we  wanted to do. I am waiting for the perfect timing that the things to be finalized , decision that  I should make in the perfect timing and need my patience to practice in this area of my life that sharpens me, need to be strong  and to over become my weaknesses. I am happy today I got it,   what I wanted to happen,  God is really good all the time.