Commmunication is very important to everyone, if we dont let others to speak about he wants to say, the communication is close  to only  one person has a power to monopolize.  We should learn a lot from this time,  many things we used to it. Empowering the weakness of our mate or family member or other people. We should learn  how to percieve the right and proper of communication and acknowledge the one’s has  the effort to be  part and share the knowledge and be opened minded in everything. As I know a healthy  communication give a chance others to speak up because everyone has entitled of their own rights. Respect what they want to express about thier thoughts because we have a distinct character.


The Household chores

Sometimes we missed to appreciate the effort of our helpers, they were the one who do a lot of household chores in behalf of their employers. We should appreciate them because of their marvelous effort and patience that being extended to every household. I thanked God  I had a gift in the kitchen and love to do such things and at least  I had a savings from hiring of somebody to do such chores. I think the best as we can do  is time management. til here..see you at my next blog…God Bless everyone