Kitchen is one of my favorite area in the house because I can make my cooking and baking the comfort zone of many who loves to cook and bake. On my part it’s really nice to feel that you have a beautiful kitchen. It is indeed awesome among the area inside the house, I really love it, wherever I go or visited the house of my friends, I’m excited to see the kitchen first and really appreciate among those stuff even how simple it was and made incredible effort just to make it that beautiful kitchen. I have my dream kitchen and I need to work hard for it first in order to have it. I am the most fulfilled person in this world ..anyway its my own perception no doubt about it. Nothing wrong to dream that beautiful kitchen. Love and dream your kitchen desire. I’m very hopeful for it. til here only see at my next blog..God Bess everyone!!!!!!!


Happy 70th B-day of my Aunt

I almost tired of the preparation of  my Aunt celebration because I was over all in charge of the party from marketing  and cooking.  The joyous celebration of my Aunt cannot be measured, to celebrate of her  70th B-day,  it’s really grateful to be thankful to the Lord for all the blessings upon her life.

Flu Seasoned

This rainy days the flu is ordinary to everyone ,  here it depends upon your body immune system that we should make an  extra precautionary measure to protect from flu.  Increase Vitamins C. I had a Flu today but I did not take any anti flu drugs just a natural alternative medications only, so far I’m quite okay now. My cough its not that hard today  compare to yesterday. I believe in alternative medication the effect maybe slow to a newly one who take the natural medication but  for those who used to it. It is  really effective because if taken continuously the toxin in our body will flushed out. Though the processing its quite long but really amazing feeling afterwards.     God Bless everyone …..see you at my next blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!