Pork Steak




   If I could have a chance to dance with Father, I will do it again but so sad because I don’t have a  Father to dance with me. When the first I heard the song Dance with my Father, I cried a lot because I will never be danced with him  anymore his gone. When he is sick I always cried because I can’t help him in his  heart ailments. He always confined at the hospital several times  until he gone. One thing I could describe for my Father,  he is a man with good heart, he is willing to extend his hand to the needy even he has nothing for himself. A character trait that seldom to see nowadays. I admire him because he is quiet and  full of compassion and very calm man. He is a chef in the kitchen,  during  my younger years, I don’t know how to cook because he did best in the kitchen. I did not say it’s good not to learn from early years but I learned by my own when I got married because I saw my other older sisters how they worked inside our home and cooked. I knew how to cook and bake  now  because its in the blood to love kitchen. I did in my own way to do the best in the kitchen. To those who are the Father and becoming a father soon…. Happy Father’s Day to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

The Joy of my Blogging

I’m thankful because i had a blog considered to be my friend and a comforter, every time i had a problem. I  really wanted to write, I can write immediately, if there’s fun activity and frustration moment, sometimes  I felt nobody understands me. I can monopolized my thoughts without contradiction of others the beautiful of writings  is that ,  we  can expressed what we  want, there’s a freedom in writing. So interesting to read an article about life, fun activities and recipes one my favorite to read. So thankful because  there’s blogging site here, it helps a lot for the person like me , when I’m depressed I can open my blog site,  I can read and write here.