Happy Blow Candle Day!!

Happy Blow Candle Day!!

To make a difference of a day, It’s a day of celebration which everyone is expecting for a special day, every year and once a year happened to every one. Make your day a special one and appreciate it because it is only once a year that happened in our lives. Be happy and enjoy your great day…..Dad!!!!!!!!!!!




A healthy pasta tuna with white sauce light to the tummy its a different pasta is easy to digest not so oily , you can feel the taste of tuna so really yummy.

Here’s my following Ingredients:

450 grms Pasta Noodles
2 cans small of tuna flakes
1 all purpose cream
1 small can evaporated milk
1 white onion
2 tbsp. oil

My Childhood Vacation Place

My Childhood Vacation Place

When we were young we spent our Vacation here at my Grandma’s Place, we used to run around at the hills chasing with my cousins and playing here. During my childhood years. This is my most memorable experienced. Reminiscing the past were sliding at the muddy and bruising our legs but it’s a nice experienced to flashback those were the days with all my cousins spent during summer time, we always looked forward every year after our School vacation to spend our vacation here . Until now, although all of my cousins were got married and some had already their own children, we still met here. If there is an available time we get together at my Grandma’s Place. I missed my childhood days, its only once in a life time experienced that we enjoyed those days during our childhood.


Everyone has a different description about a Mother. Mother is an extraordinary Woman in whatever ways, they would do everything to make their children happy and comfortable as long as they can. They were brave when comes to their children rights, all the support they can gave even to their last breath.  Bearing an infant for 9 months its not a joke until the expected date  of delivery, I witnessed how they struggled alot in order to delivery their infant and to  see how it was, until  her baby finally delivered well. It is time to express how we thankful we are,  we have a great mother on this earth.  Thank you is not enough to express, how we appreciate them. In every fall  and success of her children their love always remained. In every tearful moment a mom is ready to give  a hug to comfort us and never gave the wrong  judgement. When  it comes to discipline , they were persistently imposed the rules inside the home because Mother’s knows best.