A sweety butterscoth

This is my 2nd product i made the first one is a cookie recipe which is not yet uploaded.. maybe for my next blog and i’m planning for more product to make, i love baking goodies. Its only this time that  i have time  to finalize all of these stuff. It’s been a long time that i planned but God has a perfect timing for everything in  entrepreneurship business. You cannot plan a things without a passion which you love to do. Having the skills is one way of opening the door for opportunity to sell and winning  a friend to build a rapport  and  good relationship to my neighbor. See you at my next blog… God Bless everyone!!!!!!!!!

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Nice to feel that i had my newly discovered generating home base income now through baking goodies and my siomai…fun of making it so fulfilling even i felt tired i tried to finish and wrapped it with plastic and put it a ribbon to become more presentable of the eyes of the buyers. Everyday i have my income, I’m developing my baking skills and learning more and i knew i love baking and cooking and my heart belongs in this field. I”m dreaming someday i could able to build my own business my coffee shop and bake goodies which i love it. I prayed before i bake my cookies not to over cooked. Thank God i always done with timing less waste from my baking and i always listen the comments of my customer and try to develop what they want accordingly. Learn from them which i tried to listen thing i could make it less mistake until i got the their exact taste and measurement. Plan to discover new recipe for my menu for parties per order only. I will try to convince my neighbor to make a new venture for ordering meals, i will try in this new venture hope and pray this would prosper the labor of my hands. God gave us a talent and use it for His own Glory!!!!!! See you to my next blog..God Bless everyone!!!!!!