We attended the graduation of my brother in law, we are more excited than him because we always missed this moment during my time. Despite rushing all the requirements to pass we thankful because we able to catch the deadline, so really exciting to become a student and feel the tension and everything, we only can breath if we meet the deadline its nice and praise the Lord, if everything was okay. Every student says this….Hallelujah and praise the Lord!!!! It is really nice to feel the moment that we are on list of the graduating students its a different excitement!!..Finally were free from all the burdens.



I am happy to know that there is a new study about coffee, i don’t need to worry about the effect of the caffeine boost the activity of brain cells and can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is a morning ritual have a cup of coffee everyday if i cannot do my coffee, I cannot make my day great and can cause a headache the whole day. Thanks for my cup of coffee that gives energy to me for my morning ritual, i cannot change my habit of drinking my favorite coffee. I had a bad mood occurrence if i don’t drink it and i don’t regret to have it as my first love to

Started drinking coffee when i was working already because all my office mates they were all drinking coffee except me, they encouraged me to sip a cup of coffee first and I try it, at first i don’t like the taste of coffee I tried again and again until i like the taste and coffee became my friend until now.

Goodnews to all my friends who love coffee you can merry to have it everyday you can share this to your partner and to your family as well and thanks for the new research we have nothing to worry anymore…see you all and God Bless to all of you!!!!!!